Inheritance In Spain

As legal advisers specialised in Inheritance Law for both intra and extra UE residents, we strongly recommend hiring a solicitor to oversee the whole Inheritance process. Our experience and savoir-faire will help you to speed up the process and solve any inconveniences that may arise, so that the assets (bank accounts, properties, vehicles) are transferred into the name of the heirs and the Inheritance taxes are paid within the legal deadline.


Our wide experience will be extremely helpful for you to obtain easily, and avoiding unnecessary costs, any document requested to conclude the inheritance process in Spain:

The inheritance process in Spain such as the Last Will & Testament certificate, Spanish Probate, Life insurance Certificate, copy of the Will made by the deceased in Spain, Bank Certificate showing the existing balance, and any other required documentation to sort out the inheritance.

We will assist you to calculate the Inheritance Taxes , which is a legal requirement to be able to inherit the assets and register them in your name. Our Firm will take care of the whole process : filling in the necessary Tax Forms, submitting them to the Tax Office and organising the payment, always respecting the legal requirements to make sure that you do not have any problems in the future.

Additionally, if one of your relatives passes away in Spain, you may require some official documents to sort out the inheritance process in your country of origin. Our Firm will help you to obtain any of these documents such us the Death Certificate, Will, Spanish Probate, and to legalise them through the Hague Apostille so they are accepted in your country. Finally we can get them translated to different languages (English, French, German…) by official sworn translators.