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Spain is a country with an exceptional quality of life, thanks to its climate, gastronomy, and the cost of living, which is lower than in many other European countries.

An easy way to invest in this country is to buy a property in Spain. Even though the real estate market is currently on the rise, it is still possible to buy apartments at cheaper prices than in France or Belgium. Moreover, investing in Spain at this time can be a very interesting option for living in Spain when you retire.

But… where to start? Our advice would be to take a preliminary exploration trip, visiting various places to find the one you like the most. Then, you can contact real estate agencies or visit websites offering properties in the area; of course, it is essential to receive advice from a lawyer who will guide you throughout the process. Buying a property in Spain can be challenging as the process is totally different to other countries and receiving legal advice will help you to avoid scams.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Spain?

We only see advantages!

  • The climate is wonderful almost 365 days a year, allowing you to enjoy your days and engage in many outdoor activities.
  • It is well known that Spanish cuisine is very rich, healthy, and varied, with different specialities depending on the region.

Another advantage would be the taxation in Spain.

In some cases, retired people from abroad find that their pensions are taxed at a higher rate than in their home countries. This is because the Spanish tax system is progressive, and since their incomes are higher than the average Spanish income, the percentage to pay is high. However, this will be offset by the difference in the cost of living, which is lower in Spain.

Besides that, living in Spain also has tax advantages, for example, the charges to pay for our regular residence, such as Council tax, are much lower than in the rest of European countries.

Finally, the property purchased can easily be made profitable; it is common for residents of colder European countries to spend the winter in Spain, when temperatures are mild, but take advantage of the summer to return to their countries and visit their families. This allows them to rent their property in Spain during the high season, when there is high demand for rentals, especially in coastal areas. The income earned will provide you with a small extra income to help you pay the bills!

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