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Costa Blanca Lawyers & Translators

The aim of our Firm is to offer our foreign clients comprehensive advice on their legal matters in Spain, with trustworthy and effective service in their own language.


Costa Blanca Lawyers & Translators we offer legal & tax advice in Spain as well as translation services. Our main objective is to provide our clients with a personalised service; we aim to guide you through the formalities of any legal service in Spain in a prompt, efficient and practical manner, exceeding your expectations.
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Our areas of practice include :

As solicitors specialised in Real Estate, the first recommendation for our foreign clients is to search legal advice when buying or selling a property in Spain.

As legal advisers specialised in Inheritance Law for both intra and extra UE residents, we strongly recommend hiring a solicitor to oversee the whole Inheritance process.

In Spain, like in any other country, you are liable to pay taxes, either as resident (Income tax) or as non-resident (IRNR / Tax form 210). You must be aware of you obligations since the moment that you become a property owner in Spain, even if you do not rent out your property.

Now that EU Succession Regulation Nº 650/2012, which rules the inheritance processes for EU member states, is fully in force, it has become highly important to draft a Will if you are an expatriate residing in Spain, or even if you still live in your country but you have assets in Spain (properties, vehicles, bank accounts, etc.)

Costa Blanca Lawyers & Translators also offers legal services in general, to assist you in any legal matters that you may need, either related to your everyday life or at the Courts